Great new toy!

I've played with many toys over the years. Some are grown-up toys (cars, iPhone, table saw, Sega Genesis), some are kids toys (Simon, Hot Wheels, Wii), and some are just plain, well, toys (pet rock, mood rings, gorp).

I thought that the coolest toy I've ever had was the iPhone. It is an awesome device, and helps me find directions, prices, business, friends, etc. However, I borrowed a friend's toy recently, and I must say that it is certainly close to one of the best toys I have ever used.

Say "Hello" to the Pressure Washer.

This is one amazing tool. It gets the mold and dirt off my porch, both concrete and wood. Even fake wood like Trex. It gets the mold off of patio furniture. It takes the gray patina off of wooden outdoor furniture. It takes the slippery scum off of slate walkways. It removes the winter grime from the concrete garage floor. It cleans siding. It IS amazing! I've found dozens of uses for it already, and I've only had it in my garage for two days.

I am not usually one prone to such superlatives, but I already told my in-laws (out-laws?), who are visiting, that if they ever want to get me a present, this is it. If you are on the fence whether to get one or not, DO IT. If you have one, I'm sure you love it just as much as I do.

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