Cy is in the house!

Cy Seymour showed up the other day. No, not someone named Cy Seymour. In fact, I don't think that anyone has been name Cy Seymour since this guy was:

Yeah, that Cy, courtesy of Paul from Carl Crawford Cards. This is probably the coolest, most interesting card I have ever held. I am really impressed that it looks in this good of shape for a card that is 100 years old.

So, Cy's tour of the baseball card blogosphere has begun. I have shown him to a few people already, and they are suitably impressed, except for my wife, who still thinks it is a childish hobby. That's one war I'll never win.

Keep an eye out at the end of the month for a contest to see who Cy visits next. I will try to make it something easy, but try to keep it to the community so that it will continue to visit new people every month.

P.S. I will conced that I looked up its value in Beckett. It is from the famous Wagner set, and the Polar Bear back is one of the more common types, but it is still worth $100 in EX condition.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Awesome! Glad to hear he arrived and is doing well (but it looks like the Topps Kerry Wood Polar Bear I threw in there stole some of Cy's glory lol).

There's nothing like taking one of those cards out of the holder and really giving them a hard look.

I had no idea Beckett lists an EX Cy for $100. Straight up, I landed that Cy for just under $10 plus s/h from a reputable ebay dealer a while back. I guess beautiful old cards can be hard for really cheap, no matter what the book says!

Enjoy, and I am looking forward to the next contest!