Cards from Oregon

Mike from Beaverton, Oregon (that's or-ggin to you easterners, not or-eh-gahn) got in touch with me, cooing over a Yovani Gallardo card from the Topps 52 Rookies that I showed off a few posts ago. In order to coerce me to send it to him, he offered up some cards that I could use. He got a few Gallardo's and a couple Felix Hernandez cards, and I got an Omar and a Grady I didn't have before.

A nice purple Jim Thome from this year's Legendary Cuts, and Omar from the 2002 Upper Deck Vintage repro of the 1971 Topps set. I don't want to collect the SPLC set, but I really like the design this year. This is one of the few products from UD this year that stands out. They also did a very good job on the Vintage. The original was a classic design, and this one mimics it well, but UD abandoned it then and again this year, choosing a non-lawsuit-raising design instead of the original intended design.

Mike was also the one who sent me the O-Pee-Chee card I posted recently of Cleveland Stadium where I railed about UD's lame effort on it. On second thought, I still believe that it is a cheap product with lousy photography on skimpy paper. But maybe that is their target audience - 12 year olds who can't afford their Legendary Cuts, SP Authentic, SPx, Black, etc., etc., etc. So it hits the mark in that respect.

Thanks, Mike.

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