Trolling for cards for my sets

The Collective Troll knew I was pining for some cards for my set, so I tricked . . . er . . . um . . . bribed him with some Brewers cards, some HOFers, and some set-builders. I return, he sent me an oversized package filled with '07 Topps 52, '07 Heritage, and a few '08 Heritage and '08 Topps. The '07 52 Rookies cards are now more than 3/4 done, and I'm steadily making ground on the Heritages.

I think I figured out why I like the "old-style" cards like Heritage, 52, A&G, Goudey, etc. They are printed on heavy stock, and are nice thick cards that have some heft to them. You feel that if you put them in your spokes, they will make a much more solid sound than the thin flappiness of an '08 Topps Year in Review! The pictures/animations/cartoons/whatever you call that Photoshopped image on the 52 Rookies are more interesting than most of the cards out there, although this year's Topps flagship is very good.

Here is a smattering of the old-style beauties that the Troll sent.

The '07 Heritage are pretty nice. The short prints are a bit annoying, but not too bad. Troll even sent me the Yellow Team Name SP of Mark Buehrle. I know Lucy probably loves the David Wright. The group shot of the Cards is one of my favorites from the set, and I like the design of the Then & Now cards from this year more than some of the other years.

The 2007 52 Rookes is a nice set, with great photographs of the players in front of some, well, rather questionable backdrops. Lots of the Reds are in front of the drapes, and although it is not shown here, the A's seem to be standing in the middle of the Arizona desert! "Hey, lets go a few miles this way and take some pictures, guys!" Uh, no thanks!

The Pence action shot is a SP, also. There are a few in this set: Pence, Matsuzaka, Braun, Okajima, Tulowitzki, Young, Lincecum, all in action shots versus the standard posed shots.

Thanks, Troll.


Collective Troll said...

no, thank you dan! actually, it was awesome rays cards that you bribed me with. my half of the trade will be posted soon. glad to help ya with your set, i agree with you on the retro sets and the thick cardboard, gotta love it!

JD's Daddy said...

I don't know if you would be willing or not, but that is a beautiful Yovanni Gallardo card and I would love to have it as part of my "Yovanni Wing" if you are willing to trade for it.

Let me know!


Dinged Corners said...

The '52 Rookies set is one of our favorites. Great post.