More Omar (and Thome to boot)

What happens when you make a trade with madding over at Cards on Cards? You get exactly what you want. In my case, that is cards of Omar, Thome and stuff for my sets.

First we have four Omar cards that I didn't have before, including the 1990 Leaf that is from one of the only great sets of the early 90's. So much bad sets were produced then that it is really hard to pick the wheat from the chafe, but this is one of those sets. The Donruss Elite is a nice shiny addition to the set, but it doesn't scan well, so it looks all black when it is really silver. And the UD Heroes charcoal makes a foursome of the Omar cards from that set, including a grey, a light blue relic and a gold. The other Omar came with a twin:

These are the 1994 Pinnacle Select, and I love the fact that they have excellent pictures on both sides of the cards. In fact, they have three photos, so you get to see Omar hitting, fielding and throwing, all on one card. That solves the problem of which photo to highlight.

Dan also sent a few other Thomes:

Two of the three the bare-bones Opening Day/First Pitch series, and one base series Topps. Great selection, nice photos of Thome fielding, which he did passably well with the Indians. Thome came up as a clumsy third baseman, and struggled his way into a average first baseman. But that, of course, is not what he is known for. It is those massive swings he takes, sometimes hitting the ball into the stratosphere, sometimes not. I miss him in a Tribe uniform.

A few set-collecting cards, including an early-years 1987 Donruss David Cone on the Royals, a Rick Aguilera on the Mets, both with teams with which they are not normally associated anymore. Aguilera will always be a Twin to me, Cone a Yankee/Red Sox/Blue Jay. I only need two or three more from that set, so go on over to my wantlist and check it out. PLEASE! And a 2007 Topps 52 short print of Kevin Hooper. (Who?) Oh well, need it for the set, ya know.

One Lofton for the road:

Thanks for all the great cards.


Grand Cards said...

Oh no! I hate to say it, because it looks like an excellent package, but those card weren't sent by me! Nope, I sent a bunch of 2008 Topps Chromes your way. Now you have the unenviable task of figuring out who sent these beauties your way!

madding said...

Haha... yeah, those were from me. I also sent a couple of chrome refractors that I found at the card show for Joshua. For some reason I couldn't really find any base cards.

Dan said...

My mistake. I got them mixed up in scanning the images. I will correct it soon.