Found the Mayo

After much searching, lots of hoping and waiting for a fellow blogger to come through, I finally have the one card from 2009 that I really, really wanted:

The 2009 Topps Mayo Grady Sizemore, WME-GS. I resisted going to Wally World and buying up every box of  '09 Topps that I could find just to get this. Stephen of The Easy Life finally send this beaut, along with several other '09 Heritage cards, so now it is mine.

All mine! MINE! STAY AWAY!!!

The bad news is that Grady is out of the lineup for a while with a bum left elbow, which is a problem for a lefty. The Tribe is suffering from his injury and absence, happily ensconsed in last place in the AL Central, while he rests in the hopes that he doesn't need surgery.

The Indians are back to their snake-bitten ways of the 70's and 80's, and we long-suffering fans are about to be in for another round of purging. Cliff Lee is on the rumor-mill trade block, as is half the team probably, and the pitching has been atrocious, so without Lee it will only get worse. After dumping C.C. last year, Fausto off to another problematic start, and no promising front-of-the-rotation pitchers (at least healthy ones) in the farm system, it could be a long time before I see the Tribe int he World Series again. 

Are Victor Martinez and Grady Sizemore far behind in being traded to a contender? Let's hope not.


reyes7wright5 said...

we'll find out about Sizemore and V-Mart being involved in any trade rumors within the next year. all the tribe needs to do is to heal first. everything else should work out fine over time. if they decide to trade one or the other or both, i would not mind seeing them in a Mets uniform.

Slette said...

I lost your email address, so I'm hijacking your comments. Thanks a million for the Masterpieces, and especially for the O'Neill and Tino cards! I always seem to neglect those two players when I work out trades with other bloggers, and they're very much appreciated. Now I gotta find you soem Indians cards!