2009 Goudey Box Break - Second Impressions

I bought another box, figuring that I could get a good jump on most everyone by nearly finishing off the base set, and then spend my doubles and trade bait on the SP's. Boy, was I in for a surprise. 

Not only did the second box have five doubles in and of itself, I ended up with a whopping 85 doubles in total! And that leaves me with 65 more base to go! 

Nice collation job, Up My Deck!

That really sucks. And to pour salt in the wound, I got an auto of Adrian Gonzalez. I guess I got enticed by the autograph list that UD put out, showing so many stars of today and yesterday who signed all these cards in the set, figuring, well, maybe I could get a mid-level star, at least, since I did get a "common" autograph in the previous box. Heh, fat chance. 

Even the relic I am not happy with. I know someone will tell me that a Kosuke Fukudome jersey is a pretty good one to get, but I don't like relics in the first place, and if I had to get one it should be of a star or an Indian, or both! The second coming of Ichiro (i.e., Fukudome) has turned into the second coming of name-your-average-outfielder.

At least I got a couple of Grady Sizemore cards. 

My rating on this product just went down a couple of notches. Not only is it boring and stale, but it is also poorly collated and distributed enevenly. Avoid this product until the prices come down, which they should if there is any justice in the world.  

3 out of 10


AdamE said...

Would any of thoes 85 doubles be Red Sox by any chance?

Duane said...

Sounds like the 08 Goudey----I'd buy retail blasters and they would have dang near the same exact base cards in them. Very frustrating.

Dinged Corners said...

Bad art. Bad karma.

stusigpi said...

I seem to recall some bad Upper Deck Collation. At least they werent all the same player like my break.

Drew said...

I agree, but I somewhat like the base and UD did a good job with the pics. Also, I just came up with an idea to find out the inside of a rip card if you want to check it out, head over to my blog at http://drewsbbcards.blogspot.com/