What Topps Stadium Club Should Be

Below is an example of what Topps can do when it puts its collective mind to work and puts its "A" staff on the job. This is card #41 from 2001 Topps Stadium Club. This design strikes a good balance between refractor technology, labeling, design and photography. The card is glossy and has a small logo so that the photgraph is not imposed upon. 

The photograph in this image is what stopped from from leafing by it while searching for cards from someone's wantlist. This is an amazing moment of action by Gabe Kapler, airborne, diving, mouth agape, watching watching watching as the ball rockets toward his glove, outstretched arm and open mitt ready to catch it. It is poetry in motion. 

Greg the Night Owl also has an example of '01 TSC on a recent post, proving that this card is no fluke. It's too bad that Topps has damaged the brand by putting an overpriced tag on an underwhelming product. 

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night owl said...

I still think Topps does a pretty good job with the Stadium Club product (a lot better than their base set in '08). But the price and the short-prints killed it for most collectors.