1995 Topps Stadium Club High Numbers

The third pack from the card show haul from last month is also the Topps Stadium Club from 1995, but it is the TSC version of the Updates and Highlights, or Traded, or whatever you may call them. It is officially called High Numbers. 

Again, you can see that I got a good deal on these packs at 50¢ per, down from $2.49, and all I had to do was wait 15 years! How is that for depreciation! Still, it is better than a car which would have lost almost ALL its value by this time.

Once again, the fronts are the standard TSC style for 1995, a brilliant design on the front with amazing photography, coupled with a disastrously-bad design on the back with obtuse statistics displayed in a confusing format. How's that for Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde! 

As a tribute to Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, who passed unexpectedly when his dump truck fell on him while repairing it, I give you Carlos Perez, who was a similar sensation when he played for the Expos by talking a lot, showing up batters, and giving the "Yer OUT!" thumb when he struck someone out. He didn't last long, though, and was out of baseball by 2001. Too bad. He was very colorful, like the back of his TSC card!

One of the subsets was the Transaction series, highlighting players who changed teams. Mario at Wax Heaven, always a great read and The Source for news from The Hobby, would probably enjoy the Canseco card. He's looking very, um, healthy in this picture and on the back! Hmmm, I wonder if it could be...nawwww, it couldn't. Could it?

The other card in this series is the Should-Be-In-The-Hall-of-Famer Lee Smith. I mean, what else did this guy have to do in order to get enshrined?!!? All-time saves leader? 3.03 career ERA? 1251 K's in 1289 innings? C'mon!

One other series that came out of this pack is the Extreme Corps, highlighting a player's contributions to his team, and where he ranked in relevant categories. Apparently, another juicer, Ruben Sierra, led his team in power categories. Coincidence? As the Church Lady would say, "Could be!"

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Wax Heaven said...

Very nice box break! I already have that Canseco but it is pretty awesome, especially the picture on the back!