Take My Topps Black, Please

I bit the bullett and bought two blasters of the Topps Walmart Black cards, and I'm really sorry I wasted my money on it. I was hoping to find something outstanding, something interesting, something useful. Instead, I found some OK-looking Topps cards where the background has been black-washed. My one thought on the whole kerfuffle:


Two of the three Legends cards I got were I already pulled from my jumbo hobby box, as was one of Turkey Reds. Too many ToppsTown cards, not enough inserts. Even the commemorative patches I got were a bit boring. Bob Gibson and Ted Williams. 

So, I pulled out what I need, mostly Indians and inserts, and I'm trading away the rest of the cards:
  • 121 black cards
  • 2 Legends (Sisler and Gehrig)
  • 2 commemorative patches (Gibson and Williams)
All I am asking for in return is the rest of the Indians black cards and gold cards and as many of the Legends and Turkey Red inserts as you want to give up, whether that is 5 or 25. But please, don't put a comment here and ask for them with nothing in return. I'm tired of not finishing these sets, and I desperately want to finish one. The best offer will be accepted, but only through this weekend. So post your comments here with what you can offer in trade, and I'll send these out to you on Monday.

My updated wantlist should have all the Indians blacks and inserts I need.


FanOfReds said...

I'm on my way out the door, but I wanted to chime in that I am still missing a couple of topps black cards (see my want list). Let me know if you have anything and we'll work something out!

FanOfReds said...

Ok, I'm back and have some specific items for trade.

I have a Topps black #7 for trade (Mantle) and I also pulled a CC Sabathia '09 Spectrum card with him pictured with the Indians (though the card is technically a Brewers card and he's now a Yankee...)

I also have Turkey Red #4 (Rios) and Legends of the Game #15 and #25.

Finally, if you are collecting the '08 Goudey mini cards, I think I have a bunch of those that I could look through to see which you might need/want.

therockshop said...

I'm interested in the Topps Walmart blacks you have. The Walmart near me hasn't even gotten the Topps black blasters (or much of anything else lately), so can't help you there, but I do have a bunch of cards from other sets you're trying to put together...
2009 Topps Heritage: 2, 13,23,44,46,178,188,281,406.
2008 SP Authentic Marquee Matchups MM31 (Sabathia/Ordonez).
2008 Topps 50th Ann. Rookie Team AR110.
2008 Topps Chrome: 25,45,50,56,60,88,95,160,162,190.
2008 Topps Heritage: 178,180,195,283,347.
2008 Topps Heritage Black Back Variation: 333,360 (Last 2 you need, correct?)

2007 Goudey Red Backs: 159

If you're interested, send me an email at therockshop@webtv.net.


Matt F. said...

Hi Dan, I would be interested in the two patch cards...here's what I can offer from your needs list:

Legends: 2, 10, 12, 14, 15
Gold Indians: 3, 311
Turkey Red: 11,25, 29, 35, 50

Plus I could throw in some cold hard cash to further your collecting needs...


Matt F.

Dan said...

Sorry, all, the patch cards are gone.