Some changes...

First, I'd like to thank everyone who kept my wife and our family in their thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it, and we are slowly getting back to Life. It will take a while, especially for my wife. Surprisingly, the kids seem to be OK. They are more resilient than we give them credit for.

Second, in order to simplify trading, I am going to be using Zistle more. I really like the ability to easily specify cards that need to be traded, and the eBay pricing, where it exists, is far more indicative than book value. But let's not get into that now.

I will start by embedding my Tradelist onto my trading page, and later, when I've updated everything, I will do the same with my wantlist. It will be much easier than keeping two separate wantlists coordinated and updated. So, go take a look at my tradelist, and contact me if you want to make a trade. Or, better yet, sign up for Zistle and simplify your collection database.

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