Old cards from an Old Kentucky Home

Most people don't think much of Kentucky. Probably most people sneer at Kentuckians as backwards hillbillies. 

Not me. 

Growing up in Northern Ohio, we used to drive every year to Florida for the winter school break to see my grandparents in Hollywood. We were always excited to get to Kentucky because the sun would be up after leaving home at 4 AM, breakfast was soon (at the Waffle House!), and Ohio was boring, which Kentucky certainly wasn't. The rolling green fields filled with livestock and horses were beautiful, even in December. I remember seeing for the first time two cows mating. I thought they were playing leapfrog. Ah, such innocent times....

The people in Kentucky have always been folksy, friendly and very generous. Such is the case with Kentucky Harold, from Bluegrass Smoke Signals, another Indians blog. (There certainly are many long-suffering Indians fans out there. It seems that they congregate in places where they can commiserate, like the blogosphere!) Harold, it seems, is whittling down his collection to 1957 forward, so he didn't have need for the large and small-sized cards from the early 50's. He saw my post on the Bobby Avila card I recently got, and the innocuous little statement about maybe collecting Bobby Avila cards! Harold decided that I could provide a good home for his orphaned cards, so here I am the proud owner of seventeen "new" old cards. Here is a sampling:

1952 Bowman 

1953 Bowman Color

1954 Bowman

1955 Bowman

1953 Topps

1954 Topps

1956 Topps

These cards are well-loved, and those are the best kind of cards. Thanks, Harold.


Duane said...


Got your package AWESOME very blue!!!! I also got the package I was waiting on to send you.
btw...... You wouldn't have seen 2 cows mating. A cow and a Bull would be mating! A cow could be jumping another cow(1 would be in heat) but they wouldn't be mating. Hey I am a dairy farmer and a card collector!


Drew said...

Those cards are in excellent condition man! Keep those