Help Me!

I have posted my wantlist for both the 2009 Topps and 2009 Topps Heritage. I would like to get going on some trades to help me finish the inserts for the base '09 and the whole set for Heritage. If you've already busted your boxes of Topps & Heritage, check out my tradelist for the doubles I have of both, then surf on over to my wantlist to see if you have what I need. 

And while your at it, please see if you can help me finish a few other sets. I only need #313 for the '08 A&G! HELP!!!!


Anonymous said...

I must be blind because I do not see the 2009 Topps wantlist there, just the Heritage one.

I'm certain I can help with the former once I find it, though.

Dan said...

Sorry, I was editing it. It is ready now.

JoshSamBob said...

Offered via email:

Gold card - 219 (Shin-Soo Choo)

Legends of the Game - 8 (Sisler), 21 (Clemente), 22 (Munson)

Turkey Red - 2 (Longoria), 4 (Rios), 5 (Markakis), 12 (Dye), 21 (G Anderson), 30 (Mathewson), 33 (Votto), 41 (Hamels), 47 (C Gomez), 50 (Speaker)

ToppsTown - 8 (Gordon), 9 (Howard), 10 (Peavy), 11 (Markakis), 12 (Morneau), 13 (Pujols), 14 (Sabathia), 15 (Soriano), 16 (Ichiro)

2008 A&G minis #76 (Thome) and #120 (Jeter).