Update to Trade Me an Auto

I have a few more auto and relic cards that I'm sure will be of interest to some of you. Remember, first come, first serve, and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT TO RESERVE YOUR CARD, NOT AN EMAIL.

2007 Goudey Graphs auto Carl Crawford GG-CC (Rays)
2007 Goudey jersey Torii Hunter #95
2007 Goudey jersey Jake Peavy # 49
2007 Goudey Immortals bat Mike Piazza I-MP

The trading floor is now open!


Rod said...

Dan I would interested in the Peavy jersey. What would you like for it? I run a used bookstore also so I have access to books also.

The Ghost of Cory Snyder said...

I;d be interested in the Crawford auto. I'm a fellow Indians collector so I have a few autos I could pony up for a trade.

Rod said...

Dan, I'm sorry no Giles auto. Jake can go back on the market.

Dan said...

No, Rod, I'll send it to you. When you come across something for me, then you can send it. I'm OK with that. Send me and email with your address.

ManOfSteal said...

I'd love to get this one:

2007 Goudey Immortals bat Mike Piazza I-MP

It's not an Auto, but I have a 2008 Topps Heritage Travis Hafner jersey relic?