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I was in Buffalo yesterday, waiting to pick up my kids at the airport after they spent a week in Sarasota with their grandparents. Unfortunately, the weather turned bad, as it is wont to do in western New York this time of the year, with blowing snow and wind. A weather advisory was issued. The airline, per their policies, will not fly unaccompanied minors to a city where there is a weather advisory on the off-chance that the plane will be diverted to a different city. 

I'm OK with the policy, but if the plane had left five minutes earlier, they would have been on their way home. Instead, they got to spend one more night in Florida, where the weather must have also been horrible, instead of coming back late at night to winter-weary Upstate NY. Oh, darn.

So, since I had some time on my hands, with the wife on call all night, I went to Duff's for wings. For those of you who are not schooled in the finer points of wing-ness, Duff's is an institution in Buffalo and one of the original purveyors of the Buffalo Chicken Wing. In fact, a sign inside the restaurant said that they use oil with zero trans-fat in it, as they have been doing for over 40 years! All I can say is, "Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!"

Having OD'd on the best wings anywhere, I took a short trip down the road to Dave and Adam's Card World. I've mentioned being there before, and having good luck with the Topps '52 Rookies that I found. They had nine more packs, which I bought, plus some loose packs of  '07 Goudey, '08 Timelines and some 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants.

I have bought these once before, and was not terribly impressed, although I love getting cards of old-time stars, though Lynn and Schmidt hardly qualify as real "Old Time." 

Well, what's missing here? Read the label: 5 cards per pack. No, I didn't get shorted. Here is the fifth card:

Yes, that is an autograph, on-card, of Frank Howard, in a Washington Senators uniform. The only pack I pick up of this, quite by accident, in fact, since I was trying not to buy the same kind of cards as I did before, and look what I find! Not bad! (By the way, nice glasses, Frank.)

I didn't have the same luck with autos from the '52 Rookies as I did before, but I'd say that 75% of the cards I got I needed to complete the set. Pretty good draw, also.

The Timelines is a set I didn't collect, but I really like the cards, from what I've seen. I almost bought a box for $35, but decided to try some loose packs first. These are my first that I've bought, though I have received a few in trade. 

I must say that I love the variety of the card designs, and the base set is actually very nice as well. It reminds me somewhat of the '75 Topps two-color design. The "Floating Heads" are pretty neat, and I always love good black-and-white photography. 

As for the Goudey, I picked up about four more short prints that I needed, plus this:

Not bad. Not great, either. But this card motivated me to try to trade most of my relics and autos that I don't absolutely love for some others. Look for a new post soon relating to that. If you want something you've seen here, you may have a chance to get it.


night owl said...

Nice cards, especially the Frank Howard autograph.

I've ordered wings at Duff's several times. You can't beat a restaurant that will deliver your wings in a big grocery bag with the sauce soaking the bottom of the bag.

You said D&A is down the road from Duff's. I know where Duff's is. Can you email me where D&A is?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you found the UD Pastime Pennants packs. I was ready to buy a hobby box from DACW, and when I was finally got around to doing so, they were sold out. LAME!

shanediaz82 said...

I love that pastime pennants set, it's one I'm trying to complete myself. Great auto!