Card Grading

In my spare time, I peruse other people's want lists. I like to see if there are any sets I can help finish, or if there are any interesting collections. Of course, my eyes gravitate to anything I come across that says "Cleveland" or "Indians." So when I came across someone who collects Brett Butler cards (no, not the comedienne - the ex-Giant/Indian/Dodger) who had posted on the Collector's Universe message boards regarding '09 Heritage, I was curious.

This collector's site is a wealth of information and pictures of cards, from 1930 Goudeys to 2008 Goudeys. I learned that some of those cards that I have without printed backs are actually Proofs and not errors. Great stuff. Good job, Mr. Larry Tipton.

There is also his personal grading guide. It is well worth the read.


Motherscratcher said...

Mr Larry Tipton is a very smart man.

By the way, I'm compiling a list of Ernie Camacho. I want them all. I think there's only about forty or so. I probably have about 7 right now. You gotta love Cleveland collectors.

Next up Cory Snyder.

Dan said...

I'll see what I can find for Camacho. I'll let you know.