Dusting off the Cards in the Attic

Getting cards in the mail is a lot of fun. Usually, my son walks in the door after school, and before he even asks how I am or what's for dinner, he asks, "Did you get any cards today?" 

"No 'Hello' or anything?"

"Hi, Dad. Did you get any cards today?"

Kids today. 

As a matter of fact, I did get cards, from Kris at Cards in the Attic, a.k.a. Aardvark Trading Co. He sent me some more set-builders, both old and new, after an exhaustive go-round with what I need and what I don't need, and, most embarrasingly, after he sent me about 150 cards from my list of 1975 Topps that turned out to be the ones I already had! I had forgot to put on my list that I had those cards, and he rightly assumed I needed those cards. 

Well, after I sent them back, sheepishly, he sent me another 100 or so that I actually needed. Some 08 Goudey, some of the aforementioned 75 Topps, some Stadium Club. 

I love the 75 Topps set more and more. I used to gag at the colors. I mean, c'mon, check out the Lou Brock! Only a Cleveland Browns fan could love that, despite the purple lettering. Purple, orange and brown?!!?!!? Did a colorblind guy pick the color scheme this year? Yellow and pink? Purple and pink? Purple and green? This guy, whoever he is, probably LOVES Barney.

On the other hand, the design is kinda catchy. Y'know, like the measles. It stands out. It makes a statement. And it is probably fairly unique in Topps history. I do love the fact that they paid tribute to the trading cards from previous years, like the 1960 horizontal cards that are going to be the basis for the 2009 Heritage design, and the 1959 circle design that we all are so familiar with by now, thanks to the 2008 Heritage. The Lou Brock card is a great picture of the Stolen Base King Before The Rickey Stole the Stolen Base Crown. (118 bases? Wow! That is pretty amazing!)

And then there is David Clyde. Probably the most famous flame-out in Major League history. More than the Bird, more than Super Joe, more than Brien Taylor. He was a SPECTACULAR high schooler from Texas, and the Rangers couldn't pass him up in the draft. They signed him and brought him right to the Majors. And he kept his head above the water for a while, but then started to sink quickly, and sank into oblivion. Too bad for him and for the fans. He "coulda been a contenda!" He might have been Sidd Finch, or the next Nolan Ryan. Instead, he was Calvin Schiraldi.  

What's with the hand thing, Victor? That's all I gotta say about this card, except for my take on 08 Stadium Club: yaaaaaawwwwwwwn.

Anyone who reads my lunatic rantings knows that I love the heritage-style cards. A&G, Goudey, Heritage, '52, vintage cards. That's why I love the 08 Goudey, and, dammit, I'm gonna get every last one of them if it kills me! Dave Winfield agrees with me, and if you don't like it, he's gonna take one if his two bats and beat you with it! 

Do you think that Winfield had his best days as a Yankee? I would argue that he made his name as a Padre. Which hat is he wearing in the Hall of Fame? He spent 8 years with the Padres, 8 1/2 with the Yankees, then bounced around to California, Toronto, Minnesota and even Cleveland. I didn't know that he missed an entire season in 1989? What injury did he have? One more fact of note: his entire career earnings were just over $23 million. Less than A-Rod makes in one year. That's pathetic. 

At least when Joe Montana was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (where I will be visiting this weekend), we all know which logo would be on his helmet. The Chiefs, right?

Thanks for such great cards, Kris.


night owl said...

Winfield is in the Hall as a Padre, as it should be.

You hit the nail on the head on why 1975 Topps is my favorite set. It STANDS OUT. Think pretty girls in summer dresses. Colorful is good.

Me like Stadium Club. Me no like Goudey.

FanOfReds said...

I really like the Goudey set this year as well...though finding the last few cards I need has been next to impossible.

The 1975 Topps set is a set that I'd like to build some day. Of course, with the amount of current sets I'm working on, that day is probably a long way away!

Johngy said...

I recently interviewed David Clyde in Houston. What a fantastic guy. He has the best attitude and is doing well. He could not have been any nicer.
He is coaching at the Miracles Baseball Academy and is very dedicated to the kids. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk to him.