Trivia Contest

Another contest for the New Year. I have found a LOT of trivia on the back of some of the cards I have been going through for trades lately, and I would like to see who knows their baseball trivia. I will post a question each day for 10 days, and the person who answers the most questions correct will win an autographed card. Now, don't expect a Derek Jeter, but if you are a Braves fan, for example, I may send a Brian McCann autograph, or if you are a Rays fan (this is for you, Dave), I may send an autograph of ... uh ... who is on the Rays, anyways? Well, you get the idea. 

I will post the answer the following day, probably in the morning, and give the next question.

OK, here's the first question:

The first home run to reach the loge level at Dodger Stadium was hit by whom?

Bonus point for the correct date, too.

Leave your comments here to be included in the contest.


Cardboard Addiction said...
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night owl said...

I'm guessing Willie Stargell. The date is a complete guess: June 14, 1974.

Captain Canuck said...

I'm gonna leave my answer here... although I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not..

Frank Howard

dayf said...

Is it even possible to hit a home run to the loge level? I'll guess Willie Stargell, he hit a lot of bombs in that place.

thenennthinning said...

Willie Stargell on August 5th 1969

White Sox Cards said...

Frank Howard 10-6-63