Mail Call from Fielder's Choice

It has been a busy few days in my mailbox. Today saw another package from Dave at Fielder's Choice, one of my five favorite blogs. I sent Dave a bunch of his beloved Rays from the late 90's, and he sent me a bunch of cards from my sets and some Indians as well. My favorite, of course, is of Grady Sizemore:

For some reason, the picture on this card creeps me out! I'm not sure what it is...wait...I think I've got it. Remember the scene in Star Wars Episode VI, in Jabba's lair. One of those dancers. Maybe Grady and Lyn Me were separated at birth:

That's it! I knew those weren't actually baseball bats!

Dave also sent a variety of other Indians, including Victor Martinez on the UD Baseball Heroes card, the now-departed Casey Blake from 2007 Topps Heritage, and Eddie Murray during his brief stay with the Indians from 1994 to midway through 1996 on an Upper Deck Special Edition.

Thanks, Dave.

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