Mail Call from Cards in the Attic (the Aardvark)

One last shout-out to Kris from Cards in the Attic (a.k.a., Aardvark Trading Co.), for getting in contact with me about trading some 1975 Topps for the A&G mini doubles that I have, plus some other stuff. Kris, they will be on their way soon - I have been sick.

The '75 series is probably one of the top three in the 70's. I love the colorful design. It took almost twenty years for it to grow on me, but I think that it is pretty good. Maybe that is why I have so few of that set.

All you smart people out there know what is common to all three of these guys. They all played for (drumroll, please ................. TADA!!!!) the Indians. I was really sad the day they traded Buddy Bell to the Rangers for Toby Harrah. A straight swap of infielders. Harrah ended up playing third and becoming one of my favorites. I barely remember Carty, but I can still hear his name being called out over the loudspeakers at Municipal Cavern to the three other people in the stands with me. And Blyleven? Another guy who probably should be in the Hall of Fame. I remember his amazing curveball. I loved watching him pitch.

These were three players who, at the time, I loved to watch play. They played hard, and loved the game. In these photos, you can see interesting backgrounds. Yankee Stadium in Murcer's, spring training in Bumbry's (no, that is NOT Tropicana Field before they domed it!), and what looks like a spring training park in Luzinski's, although I can't read the sign. Any suggestions, all ye faithful?

Thanks, Kris.

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AlbuqwirkE said...

I'm glad the cards arrived safely Danny. They appear to be quite happy both there in your home and on your blog- especially Carty!

- Kris