Card of the Moment V

Last month (gawd, it's December already!), I got a package from Shane at Shoebox Legends. Not only did it have the trade cards we had discussed, but also a surprise package of Upper Deck 2005 All-Star Classics. Right away, this has become one of my favorites. The designs are great, the information is excellent, and, as far as I can tell, these never were a "mainstream" product. Thanks for enlightening me, Shane.

One of my favorite cards from the pack was, of course, an Indian. Rapid Robert Feller, perhaps one of the ten greatest pitchers of all-time, with 3 no-hitters and 12 one-hitters, including the only Opening Day no-hitter in Major League history. This is part of the answer to the trivia question, "Which team ended up with exactly the same batting average at the end of a game that it had at the beginning of a game?" The answer, of course, is the Chicago White Sox, who Feller no-hit on Opening Day in 1940. The White Sox came in with a .000 batting average, and left with a .000 batting average.

Feller began his career as a 17 year old with the Indians by striking out 15 batters in his debut. In his 18 year career, he won 266 games with an ERA of 3.25. He was one of my dad's favorites, and his autograph resides in my dad's autograph book. I will scan them soon and share this awesome book with everyone.


night owl said...

I have an autographed ball of Bob Feller, given to me by my dad. I think it is the only non-card autograph I have.

gcrl said...

i liked this set, too.

feller will sign anything, anywhere. he showed up at twinsfest last year with his own booth!

i don't mean this as a knock on feller - he can do whatever he wants - he has certainly earned it!