Spring Training?

Spring training is only 90 days away. Hey, wait, didn't the season just end? Only three months off? Well, I guess if I had three months off, and got paid like these guys do, I wouldn't complain. 

Here we have a reminder of how close spring training is, and also of how lazy some of the photographers for Topps are. 

"Excuse me, Mr. Tatum, but could you stand in front of that cactus there? Yeah, that one. The funny looking one. And that rock, too. I need that rock in your picture. And can you look this way, off into the distance, like you don't care about what's going on? Yeah, that's perfect! This will be my best card shot ever!"

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capewood said...

When I lived up north I marked the season by baseball. Spring started on the first day of spring training. Summer started on the first day of the regular season. Fall started with the playoffs. Winter started the first day I had to scrape ice off my windshield. I mark the seasons pretty much the same now that I'm in Texas, except most years we don't get a winter.