Most colorful card ever

There is an awful lot of stuff going on in this card. This is from the 1995 Topps Stadium Club "Ring Leaders" and shows Howard Johnson playing for the Colorado Rockies, for those of you who missed those two years of his career and also assumed that the black jersey he is wearing is a Mets jersey. Sorry. 

The two rings he has attributed to him on the card obverse is 2 All-Star Game rings and 2 League Leader rings for "HR and RBI NL 1991." Sounds impressive.

But even more impressive is the amount of illustration that is crammed into this card front. Screeching eagle? Check. Two rings? Check. Eagle clutching baseball in its talons? Check. Ball exploding off his bat with stars coming out of it? Check. Base, grandstand and bunting? Check. Flashy refractor-ish metal-ish sheen to it? Check.

Lucky you can actually see HoJo through all that. "Oh, yeah, there he is!"


dayf said...

Oh yeah, these cards are amazing. I especially like the Eagle devouring the world series ring in one gulp. These cards really have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Danny said...

Hey, you're right! I missed that one, too!