My Beckett Beef!

What the hey?

I can "add" all the 2007 Upper Deck Goudey Immortals Memorabilia cards to My Organize (really creative name, Beckett - very innovative) EXCEPT for the one card I do own: #IMP Mike Piazza. Every time I try to add it, I get that freakin' dialog that says "0 cards added to collection." I can "add" any other card except that one. What gives?

I'm willing to let Beckett have some time to work out the bugs and kinks in their new site. They even fixed my biggest complaing as of yesterday which allows me to view the price for each collection. However, my patience is running short. They better get their act together quick! Do you hear me, Beckett? Are you listening, Beckett? Are you lookin' at me?

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